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Party tops and platform sandals are fit for a revenge shopping spree, but no matter how ready you are to have fun with fashion again, solid wardrobe essentials are forever. That’s why the concept of a capsule wardrobe is so enduring: Outfits built on a streamlined selection of items make day-to-day dressing infinitely easier. They remove all the bleary-eyed guesswork in the morning and give you the building blocks for whatever personal style frontier you’re exploring. 

Plain white tees and versatile shoes, and good outerwear are some obvious places to start, but we’re emerging this summer with a refreshed set of priorities—and comfort that doesn’t sacrifice statement-making style is at the forefront. So if you don’t know where to begin when it comes to updating your arsenal with the “new” essentials for 2021, the pieces below should serve as an excellent primer. 

Whether you’re cleaning out your closet and starting from scratch, or want to step up your rotation of casual wear, find 10 perfect wardrobe essentials that’ll be with you for years to come. 

Here are 5 of them just to offset you.

  1. The white sneakers
41 Best White Sneakers for Women in 2022

Shoes are the ultimate investment—if you do it right, you can wear them for years and years to come. You don’t need a million options; you really just need a few that you can wear with a wide variety of outfits.

If you skip out on fast fashion and trendy pairs, you can instead choose timeless options such as a classic white pair of sneakers that you know you’ll be just as excited to wear when you pull them out of storage when the occasion demands. This pair has the ability to make any outfit look cool, polished, and effortless.

  1. The perfect sweatpants/suit
Katie Holmes' Abs In Crop Top & Sweatpants – Pics – Hollywood Life

Sweatpants proved themselves to be the ultimate wardrobe MVP during quarantine, taking us from couch to grocery store and back again (and again)—but we aren’t leaving them at home.

Celebrities like Katie Homes showed us how they can help you turn a lewk, and the pandemic ushered in options beyond standard gray. You can now find plenty of joggers in bold hues, head-turning prints, and fresh neutrals.

  1. The leather staple
17 best leather skirts for 2022: Marks & Spencer, Zara, ASOS & MORE | HELLO!

Virtually everything in a modern closet has been universally given the leather update (from suits separates to dresses, but investing in a leather staple will go a long way in your wardrobe.

Instead of opting for an accent piece like a headband or a removable collar, consider a blazer, trousers, or a button-up. It’ll be just as effortless to style as its non-leather counterpart, but the texture will instantly elevate your entire look. 

  1. The versatile layer
Buy Aahwan Women's & Girls' Solid Ribbed Crop Tank Top at

Everyone has a shirt they wear on constant rotation, but nothing beats the cool factor of a tank top. In addition to being a solid base layer, today’s tanks play with the neckline.

Whether it’s through asymmetrical cuts or ultra-thin shoulder straps meant to be shown off on sunny days, whether you style yours with a pair of comfy sweat shorts or layer it underneath a slip dress, no closet is complete without one.

  1. The white sandals
The Fashion Necessity of White Sandals – flojossandals

I recently incorporated sandals into my wardrobe and now I have to have an internal tag of war between my heels and sandals each morning. I literally can’t get enough of them on a daily. Most especially the white ones, black too.

Women spend hundreds of dollars every year on shoes that only go with a few outfits in their wardrobe. It may seem as if there is no universal shoe to slide on for your day. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

One of the most versatile and most comfortable shoe you can incorporate into your daily life is a white sandal. This fashion essential can become a staple item in your wardrobe, much like the white sneaker pair.

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