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Over the course of my adult life, I have made purchases that I regret making. That doesn’t make me irresponsible, no. I just didn’t possess the knowledge that I do now. Because now I only buy those pieces that speak to my personal style, no more no less.

Which is one of the reasons I run this blog so passionately. I want to help as many people as I can to make better Fashion and Style choices and to save money while at it. Enter…today’s article.

Just like any other Style of advice I give, this isn’t law. So, just take it all with a grain of salt or simply alter it to suit your needs and point of view.

1. Professional/work clothing in the color red

The reasoning behind this is that the color red is a very passionate color. When we look at it we feel very emotional and typically romantic. Many of us think of the color as a power color, but that power is a little bit misdirected for a professional setting.

So instead, it’s better to go for colors in the shades of blue, grey, even brown. These shades will give you the response you’re looking for in a corporate setting. But if you really want to go with red then choose a darker shade. Or simple style red accessories like a scarf, shoes, handbag, etc.

Hopefully, this can help you evaluate not only your existing work wardrobe but also future purchases. Consequently, you’ll be able to build a color palette that will give you the response you want.

2. Buying the same type of item over and over again

I speak about this definitely from firsthand experience because as I figured out my style, I’ve identified the things I really like wearing. They came down to dresses and boots.

If I could I would wear dresses and boots every single day, I would. So, as a result, it led to tunnel vision. And I’ve been constantly gravitating towards dresses and boots before anything else from my wardrobe.

I have plenty of each of those, so what I’ve been doing now is taking a step back, looking at my full wardrobe, and being honest about what I need. Since I did that, I’ve noticed some gaps that I need to fill in strategically.

I looked at my color palette, my overall wardrobe, where I live, and my lifestyle, and I quickly identified that I do not need more boots. Instead, I need more heels, definitely more dresses(I need those hehe), and maybe sneakers and pants that I can style casually when I need to.

So, I recommend doing the same and being honest because that honesty will help you to achieve a very balanced wardrobe that works for you.

3. Clothing with low-quality finishing details

I’m talking about clothing with low-quality buttons, zippers, hemming, lace, and all the pretty little finishing touches that go into a piece.

This is something that’s really important to keep in mind because those details are the very things that can make or break an item and affect how good it’s going to look in your closet for a long period of time.

So being really conscientious about those details and changing them out when you can is a great way to upgrade your closet and upscale your clothing pieces. It’s also going to allow you to buy things at a reasonable price that’s going to look expensive and beautiful for years to come.

Longevity is key if you want to save yourself the trouble and regret.

4. Buying items in materials you’re allergic to

As you educate yourself on quality materials, you’ll probably come across fabrics such as Cashmere, Wool, or Mohair. The problem with these is that they can cause an allergic reaction.

You won’t really know unless you try them and see if they’re going to cause hives or make you itchy. It’s very important to keep that in mind and try these materials at a low price point such as thrifts and second-hand.

I instantly begin to itch the second wool touches my skin and it’s been difficult to find a blend that won’t cause that reaction. So, I just decided to not buy woolen items at all.

Be honest with yourself and remember, just because it works for someone else doesn’t mean it has to work for you.

5. Trendy piece that you can only wear for one season

Working towards longevity and building your wardrobe with the long term in mind is always the best bet. Not only are you going to get the most out of your wardrobe but it’s also better for the environment, and you’ll be able to build a wardrobe that’ll serve you for more than just a season.

This way, your money goes a bit further. Not to mention that it’s better and more enjoyable when curating your closet.

Now, when it comes to trendy items, I think there’s always a place for those in your wardrobe, and if your personal style aesthetic benefits from that addition, then being really strategic about them and finding those trends that you love, and those that you know you’ll be able to incorporate into your personal style is a great way to go about it.

It’s actually something I advocate for. At the end of the day, not all trends are bad, some actually have a staying power and you can go back to them over again, from time to time.

So, keeping that in mind goes a long way in helping you avoid purchasing regretable trendy pieces.

I hope that you liked today’s article. I also hope that these tips are going to help you reflect on your own regrettable purchases and also help you avoid future ones.

Thanks for spending time with me, God bless you.

3 thoughts on “5 Regratable purchases you need to avoid

  1. Insightful!

    On number one, my add would be that “red” or bright colors are not held to be professional or work clothing, especially for white collar jobs. You’re right, we should only have them when doing accessories.

    I am Guilty of number 5. Kabisa!

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