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I’m sure as a fashion lover, one of your favorite things about visiting a new destination is the various styles you get immersed into. Fashion trends and culture bring life to every community, and with style constantly evolving, it never gets boring! However, there are some trends and events which have rooted themselves into our fashion culture as timeless.

Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” I couldn’t agree more!

Every stylish girl (or boy) loves to express themselves in a unique outfit of their choosing, but some fashion goals are staples. Amp up your journey with adventure and history as you travel around the globe and check off these Fashion Bucket List must-dos (and I’m talking to myself here, lol!)

  1. Wear a Kenyan Brand item
Best Kenyan Fashion Designers You Will Fall In Love With -Discover Walks

Kenyan fashion brands were almost unheard of a few years ago. It was only the daring and brave who ventured into making proudly Kenyan clothes. Fast forward to 2020, Kenyans finally started to realize and appreciate our potential in the fashion industry. As of 2023 more Kenyans

Additionally, the government has encouraged people to buy locally made clothes with President Uhuru Kenyatta rocking a number of vibrant shirts and blazers made by Kenyan designers.  

As such, several Kenyan brands have become a wardrobe staple. Here are some Kenyan luxury and budget-friendly clothing brands that are taking over the local fashion industry; Denri, Jok A Jok, Genteel, Adele Dejak, Kikoromeo, etc.

  1. Wear a power suit
Wear the Pantsuits: Get Olivia Pope's Scandal Look — Vogue | Vogue

Power Suit refers simply to a pantsuit, only it’s the cooler and more empowering way to speak of a pantsuit. For men, Power Suits tend to mean a very specific kind of a suit, but thank goodness for us women there’s more versatility!

A gray checkered suit is something every fashion lover should probably add into their wardrobe stables by now – it’s wonderfully neutral, but can be used in so many incredible ways, from an office-setting to a funky night out.

You can also combine your suit with casual items like tops, tees and sneakers. And whether your power suit of choice is fitted or over-sized is totally up to you. You can even go for bold colors such as red, if you dare! I hope you will dare because that is such a “Bossbabe” Suit!!

  1. Visit Coco Chanel’s first store
31 Rue Cambon: The World of Coco Chanel | work in progress.

Coco Chanel is an icon of style, so naturally a visit to the first Chanel store on Paris’s Rue Cambon is a great goal for any fashion lover. She left behind timeless silhouettes and materials that have lasted over decades.

See Chanel’s magical beginnings when she started her brand as a hat maker, selling straw boater hats to the ladies walking the Paris streets. Walking through the doors will make you feel as if you are there right in her inspiring beginnings.

  1. Visit Carrie Bradshaw’s door in New York
64 Perry Street in NYC: Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment | StreetEasy

While in New York fulfilling all of your fashion goals, be sure to hit the Upper East Side and see where Carrie Bradshaw lived. The lead on the romantic comedy series Sex and the City, Carrie had a taste for fashion, especially expensive footwear.

You won’t be able to peek inside that prized closet filled with Manolo Blahnik high heels, but you can see the front door. What a rash! I know that’s what I’m gonna do when I hit the streets of New York. What’s the harm, right? wink* wink*

  1. Take a tour of the costume museum
Mannequins lined up on a display wearing futuristic, metallic outfits.

Looking for education on some of the greatest visionaries in fashion? The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is home to over 35,000 costumes and accessories represented over the course of seven centuries!

It showcases the most compelling designs of the industry’s innovators, past and present.

I hope this article has stirred your interest in exploring some cities of the world in connection to Fashion and Style. I’ll keep adding to the list so watch out for part 2 on the next few articles.

Thanks for hanging out with me and see you on the next one. God bless you!!

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